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Fpic High Quality Medical Device Plastic Parts Made by Plastic Injection Mold Mould for Plastic Injection Molding Service

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The basic properties of automotive connectors can be divided into three main categories: namely, mechanical properties, electrical properties and environmental properties. Another important mechanical property is the mechanical life of the connector. Mechanical life is actually a durability (durability) indicators. It is an engagement, separation as a cycle, to the specified engagement, separation cycle after the connector can normally complete its connection function (such as contact resistance value) as the basis for judging.

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Product Name: Connector mold parts
Materials used: 8407
Product Size: 26.3*18.5*2.1MM
EDM machining tolerances: 0.003-0.005 mm or as required
Surface roughness of EDM: Ra0.6
Grinding accuracy: ±0.005
Surface roughness of the grind: Ra0.2
Hardness: HRC52-54 or as required
Delivery time: 5-9days
Production process: Wire cut hole → grinding and forming → electrical discharge processing → quality inspection and testing → packing and shipping
Mould structure: Cold work tooling
Product Applications: General cold work tooling, forming tie rolls, shears
How to use: Extrusion molding
Product Features: General purpose cold work tool steel with excellent wear resistance, excellent quenchability and low deformation

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Compared with the original manufacturer of automotive connectors, Senodia as a professional supplier of connector parts, although a late start in the mold industry market, but our adherence to the "customer first, timely delivery, quality first" corporate philosophy, we have received unanimous praise from customers, laid the foundation for our active in the mold industry, is expected to grow faster in the future. The origin of the meaning is to become a true channel partner for suppliers and customers, and our competitive advantage, commitment, quality and quality control, precision, innovation and respect for confidentiality: all these are the core values on which we rely to build a good reputation in the international community.

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Mechanical performance in terms of connection function, is the core parts of the automotive connector to complete the electrical connection function. Generally by the positive contact and the negative contact parts to form a contact pair, through the insertion of the negative and positive contact parts to complete the electrical connection. Positive contact is a rigid part, its shape is cylindrical (round pin), square column (square pin) or flat (insert). Positive contact parts are generally made of brass, phosphor bronze. The negative contact is the jack, is the key parts of the contact pair, it relies on the elastic structure of the pin in the insertion of elastic deformation and elastic force with the positive contact to form a close contact to complete the connection. Jack structure of many kinds, there are cylindrical (cleavage groove, indentation), tuning fork type, cantilever beam type (longitudinal slotted), folded type (longitudinal slotted, 9 characters), box-shaped (square jack) and hyperbolic wire spring jack.

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A. Before sales Service

· 24hour online consult.

· Sample support.

· Detailed technical 2d and 3d drawing design.

· Free pick up at hotel/aitport to visit SENDI factory.

· Quickly and professional response on quotation and technology.

B. Production period service

· Technical 2d and 3d drawing submit to double check details and discussion.

· Quality inspection report submit,guarantee the accuracy.

· Installation solution and maintenance instruction.

C. After sales service

· Provide the usage advice and Guide, remote assistance.

· 16 Years quality Guarantee.

· Any quality problems replace freely.

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