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Connector as one of the indispensable and important accessories in communication equipment, the value of communication equipment accounted for a relatively large amount. Communication terminal equipment mainly includes switches, routers, modems (Modem), user access terminal equipment, etc. In recent years, the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the rapid growth of global data traffic, promoting the continued expansion of network equipment and mobile terminal market, making communications and data transmission with connectors to obtain a rapid development.

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Product Name: Mold into the sub
Materials used: S-STAR
Product Size: Φ45*32.5MM
EDMmachining tolerances: 0.003~0.005mm or as required
Surface roughness of EDM: Ra0.6
Grinding accuracy: ±0.002MM
Surface roughness of the grind: Ra0.2
Hardness: 50-52
Delivery time: 10 days from order placement
Production Process Round production → grinding and positioning → fine hole discharge → copper male design and processing → discharge molding → line cutting through hole → quality inspection and testing → packing and shipping
Mould structure: Hot work tooling
Product Applications: Plastic molds suitable for manufacturing camera bodies, records, lenses and cases.
How to use: Extrusion molding
Product Features: Corrosion resistant and high hardness steel for plastic molds Medical device molds, cosmetic container molds, food container molds, bottle cap molds, tape box molds Applicable molding resin materials PMMA, PC, EP, PP, PS, PVC, PE, PF, flame retardant added resins, etc.

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5G carries the front, middle and back transmission (access, convergence, core) typical bandwidth requirements relative to 4G increased very significantly, the communication network new construction, equipment expansion, upgrade is imperative, driving the connector to high-speed development.

The future with the deployment of 5G and the large-scale promotion of self-driving cars, telecommunications and data communications connector opportunities are expected to develop rapidly, including high-speed backplane connectors for communications equipment, 400G high-speed data communication interface, high-end RF coaxial connectors, fiber optic connectors and high-speed, highly reliable connector products for 5G infrastructure.

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Expected to be driven by 5G, communication connectors are expected to achieve a quantitative price increase, bringing a significant expansion of market space. At the same time data center equipment upgrades will increase the demand for high-performance backplane and mezzanine connectors and power interfaces. The massive increase in data traffic delivery and backhaul will require new high-speed interconnect connectors, including SFP, SFP 28 and QSFP28, as well as fiber patch cords and patch cords.

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· Quality inspection report submit,guarantee the accuracy.

· Installation solution and maintenance instruction.

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