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  • Stencil Template Design

    Stencil Template Design

    The main formworks of continuous die include punch fixing plate, pressing plate, concave formworks, etc. According to the accuracy of stamping products, production quantity, processing equipment and method of die, and maintenance mode of die, there are three forms as fol...
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  • Requirements For Mold Material Selection

    Requirements For Mold Material Selection

    1. Abrasion resistance When the blank is plastically deformed in the mold cavity, it flows and slides along the surface of the cavity, causing severe friction between the surface of the cavity and the blank, which causes the mold to fail due to wear. Therefore...
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  • Design Principle Of Mold

    Design Principle Of Mold

    Because different molding dies have been applied in many fields, coupled with the development of professional mold manufacturing technology in these years, there have been certain changes and developments. Therefore, in this section, the general design rules of vacuum s...
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