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The basic structure of the RF coaxial connector includes the center conductor (positive or negative center contact), the dielectric material outside the inner conductor (insulating material) and the outermost outer contact (shielding role, i.e., the grounding element of the circuit). RF coaxial connection and coaxial transmission cable assembly in the smart phone to play a variety of RF module port and the motherboard between the role of RF signal transmission, in addition, RF connectors can also be used to break the RF circuit, and thus lead to the RF signal of the unit under test, to achieve the testability of the RF circuit.

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Product Name: Type C Receptacle Mold Accessories
Materials used: 8407
Product Size: Customized
EDM machining tolerances: 0.003-0.005 mm or as required
Surface roughness of EDM: Rz0.13
Grinding accuracy: 0.002mm
Surface roughness of the grind: Rmax0.03
Hardness: 58HRC or as required
Delivery time: 5-9 days
Shipping Type: OCS/DHL/UPS/FedEx/Your company designated

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RF coaxial connectors are not exclusive components of smart phones, in the transmission and processing of RF signals in almost all devices (such as base stations), but due to the internal space constraints of smart phones, RF coaxial connectors used in them need to be miniaturized, even so, how to make miniature RF coaxial connectors "more miniaturized" is still the main theme of the industry. Even so, how to make miniature RF coaxial connectors "more miniature" is still the main theme of the industry. Thin and light is one of the mainstream smartphone trends in the past few years, to the iPhone, for example, from the iPhone 3G in 2008 to the iPhone 7S in 2016, almost every new generation of models compared to the previous generation of products have a thickness of thinning (iPhone 5C cheap version released in 2013), the trend of thin and light smartphones require miniature RF coaxial In 2017, the fifth generation of USS RF products available in volume (the height of the connector after installation on the device, representing the level of miniaturization of the connector) is 1mm, while the sixth generation of USS RF products in small volume trial production is only 0.8mm.

Type C Receptacle Mold Accessories10
Type C Receptacle Mold Accessories9
Type C Receptacle Mold Accessories6
Type C Receptacle Mold Accessories3

The production process of miniature RF coaxial connectors includes design, tooling development, manufacturing, testing and delivery, including stamping, plating and injection molding. High-precision production preparation capabilities and the ability to simulate RF signal testing is the natural moat of RF connectors, first of all, the miniature RF coaxial connector embedding height continues to reduce, the current minimum embedding height has reached 1mm or less, which is the mold and stamping molding, injection molding and other processing equipment precision to put forward extremely high requirements; secondly, the RF signal in the transmission cable in the form of standing waves propagation, RF coaxial Connector and cable between the need to achieve better impedance matching, thus reducing the voltage VSWR of RF connector components to enhance its transmission efficiency, which requires RF connector manufacturers with strong RF signal simulation testing capabilities.

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